New work 2021 – painted during the most recent lockdown

‘London – Rain’ acrylic on line 100x100cm available – on show at the Regency Town House 4-7th November – available

‘Welcome Deluge’ acrylic on canvas 121.9 x 152.4cm available

Truth Teller – -acrylic on canvas 50x50cm – Sold

Peaceful Edge – Revisited – acrylic on board 30x30cm- Sold

Thin Blue Line – acrylic on linen – 50x100cm – sold
Conversation – acrylic on linen 40x80cm – sold
Gentle Gesture – acrylic on linen 70x70cm avaialble
Little Pale- Blue – acrylic on canvas framed 30x30cm – sold
Rain – Retrospective acrylic on canvas 60x80cm sold
‘The Wound’ – acrylic on linen 20x40cm – available
Blue – taking Over acrylic on canvas 30 x100cm a veritable tidal wave of cobalt blue available
Returning Joy – acrylic on linen 70x70cm – painted after a healing lockdown walk – immersion in the greens and the light – therapy -sold
Green And Flesh – acrylic on board framed 30x60cm (a human in landscape) – sold
Going Gently – acrylic on board – 30x60cm – available
After I Swam – acrylic on canvas 121.9×152.4cm – painter after a lone swim in dappled sunlight in a friend’s beautiful pool. Available.
June – Bucolic – acrylic on linen 40x80cm completed very recently – nature again – sold
Falling – Accidental – acrylic on canvas 60x60cm Painted after the sudden loss of a friend – available
‘Enough!’ acrylic on canvas 100X120cm available
Torch Light  –  acrylic on canvas 30x30cm available
Transgressions – 100 x 120 cm acrylic on canvas recently sold

‘Noble Forest’ acrylic on linen 30x30cm available

Night walk – acrylic on canvas 33x46cm – sold

Remains of the Day – acrylic on board 30x30cm available