I experience the physical act of painting like a conversation to express the silent voice that I cannot communicate in any other way, when the conversation finishes, the painting becomes something separate and can appear to be a window into another world, which then reflects the experience of the viewer.

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Kate’s work explores her experiences, memories, her personal joy in nature, and music, through gesture and paint- there is rarely a plan and each piece takes on and communicates its own meaning and resonance, seeking to connect from there.

I know I have finished something when the conversation stops, and when the words start flooding in for a title

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Kate has a studio at home in Hove UK and exhibits work regularly in Brighton’s Open Houses and various group exhibitions, recently at Glyndebourne opera house, all available work is for sale unless otherwise stated, to enquire about specific paintings mailto:info@katescottpaintings.com

Nerissa Taysom from Glyndebourne wrote.

‘Kate Scott’s recent paintings ring with freshness. Carefree mark making and a surprising palette of plaster pink, acid greens, turquoise and a surprising tomato red encourage the viewer to look again. Layers of paint create dense, opaque sections fringed by loose and translucent washes of colour – light and dark, liquid and solid. There is a sense that Scott’s surfaces are constantly shifting in her hand.’